Presentation for fellow drivers

Posted: 10-12-2017

On 10 December Tristan, together with farrier Jan Bocken, lectured at the invitation of the “Aangespannen Haflinger” society. Despite the weather alerts for heavy snow, more than 40 fellow drivers attended the meeting. Jan kicked off by an introduction to the importance of hooves and the ‘foundation’ of a horse.  He recommended the attendants to pay special attention to this when buying a new horse. Furthermore, he explained his role as blacksmith for a top sportsman like Tristan. When preparing for the world championships, the hooves and horseshoes of Tristan’s horses were given careful and special treatment by Jan, so that he could safely head off to Slovenia.  

Next, Tristan started his presentation about the international driving sport. He explained his words by means of clear pictures illustrating what he actually meant. Multiple aspects of the driving sport were covered: how does a training scheme look like and why is it helpful? How does the organisation look like by Tristan and his team, in advance and during an international competition?  Furthermore, the training of a young horse and tips regarding the bit and harness were subject to Tristan’s discussion.  The presentation demonstrated his passion and the professional way he practices his sports. Reaching this level requires years of training and dedication, and a lot of patience. The audience - mainly consisting of recreational drivers - posed questions that showed their interest in topics like harness and bits, lunging and educating a young horse.  A lot of questions were asked. Tristan and Jan provided answers dotted with funny anecdotes, while the landscape outside gradually coloured white by snow.