Getting ready for the World Championships Lipica

Posted: 13-09-2017

Only a few days left before Team Verheijen travels to the World Championships in Lipica, Slovenia.

Together with his team and parents, Tristan is busy with the preparations for their departure this Sunday morning. Everything needs to be cleaned and carefully loaded so that everything fits in the truck. Early Sunday morning Team Verheijen will embark upon a long journey to Lipica. They will first travel from their home in Weert to the racetrack at Munchen in Germany to spend the night there. “We include a break to have the horses out of the truck; so that they have more space and can lie down in the stables if they want. The next morning we will then leave in good condition for the rest of the trip”,  Tristan explains. He will continue his travel on Monday to Slovenia. “This second part will not be that long for the horses. We do this on purpose so that the horses won’t be tired when they arrive at the competition.” If everything goes as planned, the team will arrive at Lipica this Monday afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday will be dedicated to the training of the horses. Wednesday the veterinary check will take place for the horses. After the vet check, the starting time and day for the dressage will be determined by drawing lots. Tristan’s dressage test can either be scheduled for Thursday or Friday.  On Saturday the marathon obstacle course will take place and on Sunday the concluding cones obstacle course.

Most probably Tristan and his team will leave Lipica to return home on Monday morning. They will again make use of the intermediate break in München, Germany. He hopes that he will be able to drive a good competition so that he can return back home with a positive experience.

“I think that we are as ready as one can be. The horses are performing well in all elements: the dressage goes well and the marathon has never felt this good before. The cones obstacle trainings are flawless. I don’t have anything more to wish for”, Tristan laughs. “Now we need to stay sharp and concentrated. It is up to us to perform as good at Lipica as in our training sessions at home.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to all sponsors who enable me and my team to participate in these world championships. Without their support our participation would not have been possible. Again, thanks in a million for your help!”

Are you also interested to become a sponsor of Team Verheijen, feel free to contact Tristan. He will appreciate any contribution to make his dream come true.

All sponsors who support Team Verheijen’s participation in the World Championships 2017 are presented at the home page.