CAI Beekbergen 2018

Posted: 13-08-2018

Beekbergen, with its beautiful show grounds, perfect organisation and hosting the Dutch championships four-in-hand, attracts a lot of visitors and drivers each year in August. Team Verheijen also traveled to this village in the Veluwe, from 9 till 12 August, to compete with the best international pair drivers.

On Thursday the dressage test for pair drivers is scheduled. Due to the heavy rainfall the competition is mid-way postponed to the Friday morning. This time Carlo’s wife, Monique Vermeulen, assists as groom. Afterwards Tristan is not fully satisfied with his performance. ‘I know how the horses performed at home; that was so good that I wanted to show our improvement at Beekbergen. But during the warming-up I already felt that the horses were not like they used to be, which was a bit disappointing for me. As such we did not drive a bad dressage test, but I just know that we could have done better and would have loved to present that to the judge”, he explains.

Asked about the marathon, Tristan only uses one word: ‘top’! The horses navigated the seven obstacles of the well-built course very smoothly. “Frankly, I cannot mention a thing that did not go well”. The fast obstacle times confirm Tristan’s good feeling. He negotiated very tight turns and was rewarded with a third place for the marathon.

Team Verheijen prolong their succesful performance during the cones at Sunday. The competitors are facing a challenging trail that is very selective due to its high complexity level: only two drivers manage to navigate the course without any penalty points. Next to Antonie ter Harmsel, Tristan also succeeds to steer his horses through the cones without lodging off any ball. Tristan, with groom Mariska Berntsen, drives the fastest round too. As a consequence, the victory of the cones goes to Team Verheijen. With a 6th ranking as final result, the team happily returns home on Sunday evening.

Beekbergen was also the last time that Carlo Vermeulen assisted the team at the marathons. Next contest, in Hulsbergen, Jitske will be back on track as groom. Tristan thinks that Carlo has been a top groom to him. “Carlo has so much experience”, Tristan explains, “that I learned a lot. I am grateful that he has done this for us.” At Hulsberg the two drivers will meet each other again, but that time as ‘competitors’. Carlo will then compete with his own pair horses. SWM Hulsberg will take place from 14 to 16 September and certainly create a sportive match.

Finally also the support of his sponsors is important for Tristan. Without them he could not participate on the international level. His sponsors are: OMH, Broodjesservice Peel en Maas, Besterly Paardenvoeders, 3W, Van Dongen Financial Accounting en Advies, Taverne Rust en paarden- en ponyhandel Hans Verheijen.