CAI3* Beekbergen 2017

Posted: 08-08-2017

CAI3* Beekbergen 2017

Published: 08-08-2017

Team Tristan Verheijen is selected to represent the Dutch national team at the World Championships in Slovenia!

After the international driving competition at Beekbergen, Tristan and his team were informed by the Dutch national coach Harry de Ruyter that they are selected to participate in the World Championships in Lipica, Slovenia. Team Verheijen will become a member of the Dutch national team that also consists of Stan van Eijk and Tom Engbers. These three young drivers will do their utmost best to win the gold medal for the Dutch national team.

Given that the selection for the World Championships would be announced after the competition in Beekbergen, it was considered to be a decisive event by all drivers who wanted to show the best of their capacities to the national coach. There were 61 competitors in total. Tristan and his team have showed their quality in all three stages.

On Wednesday the horses were approved by the veterinarians and ground jury. On Thursday late in the afternoon Tristan and his two horses were invited to enter the dressage arena. Tristan presented a good dressage test. “The horses were nice on the bit and performed excellent”, Tristan says. “Since I had slightly too much tension, I could not finish it off as meticulously as I wanted - which was a pity.  But I am satisfied with our performance.”
Rewarded with 50.61 points, Tristan ended up in second place of the Dutch drivers. “A nice result – we will do our best to perform on this level, or even better, at Lipica as well,” Tristan adds.

After a rest day, Team Verheijen entered the marathon on Saturday right after noon. The marathon consisted of 7 beautiful obstacles. “An excellent preparation for the World Championships”, Tristan says. Both for the audience as for the participants a spectacular course was presented with increasingly difficult obstacles and a challenging water obstacle.

As a preparation for Beekbergen, Tristan and his team trained a lot and tried out multiple possibilities aiming to improve what did not go that well at Valkenswaard. This training proved to be effective, as both Tristan and his horses did an excellent job. “I managed to remain calm and the horses were listening very well. We always chose the shortest route through the gates and did not drive any meter too many to win time. I am very satisfied with the marathon”, Tristan says. Verheijen trusts his horses to be ready for the World Championships.  Team Verheijen was placed 6th in the marathon.

Starting from this 6th place and second Dutch competitor as intermediate result, Tristan embarked upon the cones course on Sunday. Tristan and his team’s goal were to complete the obstacle course without any penalty points. Penalties are awarded for exceeding the allowed time or for dislodging any of the balls. Unfortunately one of the balls in the 9th obstacle fell. Tristan did however manage to meet the time limit and was therefore only punished with 3 points for dislodging this one small ball. “It was a pity that the ball fell, I would have loved to have been the best Dutch competitor,” Tristan laughs. “But I think Tom deserves his first place.”

Team Verheijen left the beautiful competition at Beekbergen with a fifth position in the final results, and as second best Dutch driver.

Now Tristan and his team are preparing themselves for the World Championships at Lipica, that will take place from 20th till 24th September 2017. “We want to win gold! Not even for the Dutch national team, but also for team Tristan Verheijen”, Tristan confidently says.