Lessons Clinics




Driving lessons

Next to his busy job as a truck driver and training his own horses, Tristan enjoys to share his experience with other drivers. He is eager to introduce anyone to the world of carriage driving and loves to offer lessons and clinics to fellow drivers.   His congenial and patient manor along with the love for the horses is a perfect combination for an enjoyable introduction in learning to drive or continuing education for the experienced competitor.                                   


Horse trainings

Do you encounter problems with your horse and do you need some guidance? Team Verheijen can help by training your horse. Tristan and his dedicated team will adress your horse's problem untill you can take the reins and enjoy carriage driving again.




Team Verheijen also regularly provides clinics. In doing so, Tristan shows what his sport and passion is and introduces interested people to his sports.



Group lessons 

Are you part of a group that go out driving every Sunday or are you a member of a 'menvereniging' and you would like to follow a lesson together? This is possible! Team Verheijen makes sure that you will have an interesting, helpful and enjoyable group lesson.